Progressive Fire Solution

Progressive Fire Solution provides the highest quality of protection for any facility through a wide variety of fire sprinkler systems.

Keeping your fire protection system in operational status is an extremely important safety requirement.  We Offer a broad expanse of coverage, we complete fire protection systems projects for industrial, commercial, retail and residential projects.

Our project managers work closely with clients to provide detailed explanations for fire suppression system options and the benefits of each. Our companies design each fire protection system to meet clients’ specific needs, timeline and budget, as well as all applicable fire codes and regulations.

Fire Protection Services:

  • Fire Protection Consulting
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • 3D Modeling BIM Coordination
  • NICET Certified Inspections
  • Fire System Repair
  • Fire System Maintenance
  • 24 Hour Emergency Fire System Repair
  • Fire Hydrant Flow Test


Commercial & Industrial Buildings

Fire Sprinkler
Engineering & Design

Fire Sprinkler System Design

NFPA 13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems

This standard provides a range of sprinkler system approaches, design development alternatives, and component options that are all acceptable. Building owners and their designated representatives are advised to carefully evaluate proposed selections for appropriateness and preference. 1.1.1 This standard shall provide the minimum requirements for the design and installation of automatic fire sprinkler systems and exposure protection sprinkler systems covered within this standard. 1.1.2 This standard shall not provide requirements for the design or installation of water mist fire protection systems, which are not considered fire sprinkler systems and are addressed by NFPA 750. 1.1.3* This standard is written with the assumption that the sprinkler system shall be designed to protect against a single fire originating within the building. A.1.1.3 This standard also provides guidance for the installation of systems for exterior protection and specific hazards. Where these systems are installed, they are also designed for protection of a fire from a single ignition source.


Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

Progressive Fire Solution will ensure your system is in perfect working order.

Fire sprinkler inspection schedules are determined by the local code enforcement. Typically, you will find fire sprinkler inspections are required annually, semiannually, quarterly and sometimes monthly. The inspection schedule is determined by the local code, the building occupancy type, and which components are used in the fire sprinkler system. For instance, in a high-rise you will normally find a fire pump, which boosts the pressure of the fire sprinkler system in order to ensure the proper water pressure is reached even at the very top of the building. A fire pump changes the fire sprinkler requirements and the schedule.

Writing the Local Code for Fire Sprinkler Inspections
The local code is dictated by the National Fire Protection Association’s code NFPA 25, which is the standard for the inspection, testing, and maintenance of water-based fire protection systems. The International Building Code (IBC) is also used to shape the local codes for fire sprinklers. Each state and jurisdiction have their own additions to the standards adopted from NFPA 25 and IBC.

Fire System Repair Services

Progressive Fire Solution has the staff and skills to deal with a variety of repairs to your fire system.

Having a working fire sprinkler system installed is the single most effective means of fighting fires. Progressive Fire Solution provides a full line of fire sprinkler system services, from design and installation to inspections, testing, and maintenance.

According to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) statistics, damages to manufacturing facilities, stores, offices, and healthcare facilities with a working fire sprinkler system installed were 60 percent lower than damages to building with no fire sprinkler system! Make sure your building, employees, customers, assets, and valuables are safe and secure by installing a fire sprinkler system in your office or government building.

Did your latest routine fire sprinkler system inspection reveal one or more problems with your fire sprinkler system? Progressive Fire Solution can help. We have trained technicians on staff who are able to perform all vital fire sprinkler system services and repairs to maintain your system’s optimal performance.

Hydrant Flow Test

Hydrant flow tests are conducted to determine water availability in planning for firefighting activities, fire sprinkler systems or domestic water demand.

The tests are also useful in determining the general condition of the water distribution system by detecting closed valves or wall deposits. A well-maintained water system enables firefighters to extinguish flames and prevent large- scale damage or loss of life.


  • AWWA recommends flow testing all areas at least every 10 years. (AWWA M17).
  • NFPA requires flow testing of underground and exposed piping at least once every 5 years (NFPA 291)